De Gaulle: His Life and Work


Author: Nikolai Molchanov
Title: De Gaulle: His Life and Work
Publisher: Progress Publishers Moscow
Year of publication: 1985
Place of publication: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Translator: Sergei Syrovatkin
Place of purchase (by previous owner): Meerut
Ownership: Thirdhand or above/gift
General comments: A book passed on to me by a family friend. Beside the inscription
DSC_5023 on the cover, on the far right corner of the front flyleaf is a stamp of People’s Publishing House, New Delhi; it says ‘PAID’. Behind the Contents page a quote by Charles de Gaulle is scribbled. It reads: “In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.”
Transcription of inscription:
Asim Kumar Banerjee
Nauchandi Mela
12th April, 1996
Submitted by: Aritry Das

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