Michael Moorcock: Death is No Obstacle

Colin Greenland
Michael Moorcock: Death is No Obstacle
Publisher: Savoy
WP_20151017_09_45_38_ProPlace of publication: Manchester
Year of publication:
Price of purchase: 14.95 GBP
Ownership: Gift
General comments: Posted to owner by Michael Moorcock. Inscription on first endpaper recto.
Transcription of inscription:
To Abhijit Gupta,
With all good wishes and many thanks for your article in The Statesman. I hope you find this book of some interest. It was published in response to the publisher wanting me to write a book on technique. I said all technique was the solving of problems and it couldn’t be discussed in the abstract, only in the particular. So they asked Colin Greenland (who had written The Entropy Exhibition) to do this interview on technique in relation to my own work.
Hope it’s of interest. Very nice talking to you the other day.
Michael M.
21 Feb 94
Submitted by: Abhijit Gupta

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