The World of Jeeves

 P.G. Wodehouse
Title: The World of Jeeves
Publisher: Harper & Row
Place of publication: New York
Year of publication: 1989
Place of purchase: College Street
Ownership: Secondhand, gift
General comments: This book was a birthday gift from Anushka, long before we thought of Endpapers.
Transcription of inscription:
Apr 25th 2002
To my dearest Dida,
I want you to have this book, the short stories of which I have re-read countless times, for several reasons. You can say, compare Jeeves to Xavier – with Xavier indubitably coming out the winner. Second and most importantly – it is my favourite book – the principal Upanishads and Sartre are no match for it.
Your Raja Babu
[facing page]
Also! Today is Shweta’s Aashirbad. I hope to live a long happy and prosperous life with her. We are very much alike. She is intelligent and beautiful, and I have been called handsome since I was 2. We shall forge ahead in simplicity, love, pomp, passion and – love again. I know we have your blessings.
Your Grandson, Babu
Submitted by: Sujaan Mukherjee & Anushka Sen

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