How to contribute

Well, it’s really quite simple. You could email us an image of the page/s you want us to upload at We are happy to accept any quality and format (scanned, archival photograph, mobile camera, anything) that is convenient for you. (The bigger the better, of course!) In case you have difficulty accessing photographing equipment, let us know and if we’re close at hand we’ll try and arrange something.  And you can fill in the EndPapers form with some basic details. We’ll put them together and you can see it on the blog. All of the material on this blog is under the Creative Commons license.


We would love to stick to a few basic standards. It’s up to you to judge what is feasible. The one thing we’d really appreciate is if the entirety of the page is photographed. The reason for this is that in case someone should wish to put it to use, academically or otherwise, they may wish to know that nothing of significance has been excluded. This is invaluable for the credibility of what may one day turn out to be a useful archive. The only thing we request you to bear in mind is to not try and foresee what will be “interesting”. Yes, there are certain things that are more obviously of greater interest in terms of history or personal memory, but we really want it all!

In an ideal world, the camera lens should be parallel to the surface of the image, the text should be clearly visible and the colour of ink reflected accurately. Shadows on the page are best avoided. The book should be placed on a uniform, monochrome surface (preferably white). But these are high hopes and, we feel, frankly somewhat impractical for a crowd-sourced archive.