Scan 21

Author: Mario Bussagli Scan 20
Title: Bosch: The life and work of the artist illustrated with 80 colour plates
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Year of publication: 1967
Place of publication: London
Translator: Claire Pace
Ownership: Gift
General comments: This was a gift from Sri Arun Das Gupta, legendary professor of English literature at Calcutta University, to my parents for their wedding. Arun babu probably did not have the heart to write directly in a volume so pretty. The card looks more like it was stuck to the gift-wrap from which my parents had carefully salvaged it. It continues to float around the pages of the book.
Transcription of inscription:
শ্রীমান সন্দীপের
শুভ পরিণয়ে
শ্রী অরুণ কুমার দাশগুপ্ত
২০ ফাগুন ১৩৯০

[Dear Sondwip,
On your wedding,
A loving gift from
Ever your wellwisher,
Sri Arun Kumar Dasgupta
3 March 1984]
Submitted by: Sujaan Mukherjee