Calcutta Old and New

HEA Cotton 4

Author: H. E. A. Cotton                                 HEA cotton 2
Title: Calcutta Old and New
Publisher: Surajit C. Das
Year of publication: 1980 (1909)
Place of publication: Calcutta
Editor: N. R. Ray
Place of purchase: Kolkata
Purchase cost: Rupees 3000
Ownership: no idea how many hands
General comments: When I stopped to look at a book on Calcutta at the S.&T. Bookstall (Presidency College Wall, Stall No. 11) a few weeks ago, the bookseller started hunting around for other Calcutta books and this was one of them. I have often consulted it in the library, but never found a copy. This is a 1980 reprint and the hinges have split. The bookseller wanted 5000 rupees for it, which I felt was far too much, so we settled on 3000. This may still be too much but I’m a tourist, it is worth it to me, and all second-hand booksellers deserve a lucky day every once in a while.
Transcription of dedication/inscription:

Presented to Mrs F. Jackson
On her leaving our Company.
Wish her a happy and
peaceful life!!

Submitted by: ariadne van de ven