Singular Travels, Campaigns and Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Authors: R.E. Raspe and others
Singular Travels, Campaigns and Adventures of Baron MunchausenWP_20151017_09_46_26_Pro
Publisher: Cresset Press
Year of publication: 1948
Place of publication: London
Illustrations: Leslie Wood
Place of purchase: Cambridge
Purchase cost: 5.99 GBP
General comments: Ex Libris P.D.R. Gardiner 23.12.48. Given as ‘Trinity College Cambridge: Tripos Examination Prize’. P.D.R. Gardiner played the role of Dionysus in a 1947 production of The Frogs at the Arts Theatre. He was headmaster of St Peter’s School in York (estd. 627 CE), the sixth-oldest school in the world, from 1967-1980. The ninth headmaster of the school was Alcuin, scholar, ecclesiastic, poet and teacher and sometime advisor of Charlemagne.
Transcription of inscription:
P.D.R. Gardener
Submitted by: Abhijit Gupta