Tennyson/ Poems of 1842


Author: Alfred Tennyson
Title: Poems of 1842
Publisher: Collin Publishers IMG_2160
Year of publication: London and Glasgow
Place of publication: 1968
Editor: Christopher Ricks
Place of purchase: College Street
Purchase cost: Rs. 200
Ownership: Secondhand
[front cover]
Bhola Banerjee

Rs 25/-

Bhola Banerjee
Reader in English
Gauhati University
~Gauhati: 1968~
Submitted by: Isha Lahiri



Author: Alistair Maclean
Title: Partisans
Publisher: Fontana/Collins
Year of publication: 1988
Place of purchase: College Street, Kolkata
Purchase cost: Rupees 20
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: On a day in autumn in 2013, while rummaging through the book stalls at Peary Charan Sarkar Street (College Street by lane), I was overjoyed to buy a handful of Alistair Maclean books each at 20 INR. In one of them I was delighted to find this.
Transcription of inscription:
Surajit Biswas.

Be never too young, never too old
always strong enough
to live and love and inquire
ever loving,
always kind.
May life share its many blessings
with you,
and may its burdens be ever light
The wind at your back,
the sun in your soul,
and our love in your heart
now and forever.
For you and your Daddy,
my heart ever yours,
my love and my life
yours forever.
Submitted by: Agniva Roychowdhury



Author: উইলিয়াম শেক্সপীয়ার [William Shakespeare] IMG_20170324_153042
ম্যাকবেথ [Macbeth]
আদিত্য প্রকাশালয় [Aditya Publishing House]
Year of publication: 1998
Place of publication:
Place of purchase:
College Street, Kolkata
General comments: 
Found and purchased by Shrutakirti Dutta while collecting ‘copy books’ of Shakespeare for Jadavpur University’s Shakespeare in Bengal project. Translations and prose summaries of Shakespeare’s plays continue to be used by English students of the various Kolkata colleges which have had Shakespeare in their syllabi since inception. Going by the cover illustration and the illustrated flyleaf with a space for inscription, this abridged translation in prose was probably meant to be given to younger readers.
Transcription of inscription:
প্রিয় বিপ্লবের ‘জন্মদিনে’
সোনালীর প্রীতি

[On beloved Biplob’s ‘birthday’
Sonali’s loving
Submitted by: 
Shrutakirti Dutta, via Shalmi Barman

On Anarchism


Author: Noam Chomsky chomsky-cover
Title: On Anarchism
Publisher: Penguin
Year of publication: 2014
Place of publication: London
Place of purchase: Chakrabarti/Chatterjee, College Street, Kolkata
Purchase cost: Rupees 250
Ownership: Gift
General comments: I got this as a birthday present from a friend of mine who is leaving India to do her PhD. This book reminded her of the very first political discussions we had in the sun-drenched winter afternoons in Presidency University, Kolkata where we spent our undergraduate years together.
Transcription of inscription:
স্নেহের দীপ্যমান-কে,
দুই-কুড়ি-এর পর সবটাই anarchy.

[To beloved Dipyaman,
Everything after two scores is anarchy.
Submitted by: Dipyaman

The Second Sex

Simone De Beauvoir
Title: The Second Sex
Translator: H.M. Parshley
Publisher: Pan Books
Year of publication: 1988
Place of publication: London
Place of purchase: College Street, Kolkata
Price: INR 300
Ownership: Thirdhand or above
Transcription of inscription:
Dearest B,
Happy Birthday
3rd Mar. 94
Submitted by: Kristi

The Bridges of Madison County

IMG_20151026_112550Author: Robert James Waller
Title: The Bridges of Madison County
Publisher: Mandarin
Year of publication: 1993
Place of publication: Great Britain
Place of purchase: College Street, Kolkata
Purchase cost: Rupees 30
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: Found it on one of my book hunts at College Street. It was a lovely surprise.
Transcription of inscriptions:
Happy Christmas ’94.
a short book to take on our next holiday.

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Submitted by: Ayantika Nath

Miss Harriet and Other Stories


Author: Guy de MaupassantWP_20151012_02_00_18_Pro
Title: Miss Harriet and Other Stories
Publisher: Penguin Books
Year of publication: 1951
Place of publication: Great Britain
Editor: E.V. Rieu
Translator: H.N.P. Sloman
Place of purchase: College Street
Purchase cost: Rs. 40
Ownership: Secondhand
Transcription of inscriptions:
Image 1 (top): ‘পারিবারিক গ্রন্থাগার’ (family library)
Image 2 (right):
Ajoy Kumar Mal
Submitted by: Aritry Das

Nakkhatre’r Raat

Author: Moti Nandi
Title: নক্ষত্রের রাত (A Night Of Stars)1
Publisher: Indian Associated Publishing
Year of publication: 1959
Place of publication: Kolkata
Place of purchase: College Street, Kolkata
Purchase cost: Rupees 30
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: Strolling by College Street, I came across this ragged book by one of my favourite authors, Moti Nandi, half eaten up by termites. I bought it after a spirited haggling session, for Rs. 30. I thought I had a good bargain, but what I was about to end up finding would make me both elated and guilty that I bargained so hard. I found, in the Utsargo page, that Moti Nandi himself had given this signed copy of this book to the Premendra Mitra, one of the greatest Bengali writers.
Transcription of inscription:
শ্রী প্রেমেন্দ্র মিত্র
মতি নন্দী
১২ই জ্যৈষ্ঠ ১৩৬৬


Shri Premendra Mitra
Moti Nandi
12 Jaishtha, 1366 (26 May 1959)
Submitted by: Abhiroop De

Coming Up For Air

20151011_162246Author: George Orwell
Title: Coming Up For Air
Publisher: Penguin
Year of publication: 1965
Place of publication: Great Britain
Place of purchase: College Street, Kolkata
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: The opening pages are stamped with this minimalist logo of a bookstore from somewhere in Istanbul, Turkey.
Transcription of inscription:
Kamna Seth,
C-36, Defence Colony
New Delhi – 3
Submitted by: Sarah Hafeez

August 1914


Author: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
Title: August 1914
Publisher: Penguin
Year of publication: 1974
Translator: Michael Glenny
Place of purchase: College Street, Kolkata
Purchase cost: Rs. 100
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: The book is 645 pages long, with small type, and in good condition. Possibly unread.
Transcription of dedication/inscription:
To Jyotsna, with lots of love,
Submitted by: Sourav Chatterjee