Dennis the Dragon finds a new job


Authors: June Woodman, Rita Grange
Title: Dennis the Dragon finds a new job
Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd (1st edition)
Year of Publication: 1983
Illustrated by: Martin Aitchison
General comments: Most of the Ladybirds were procured by my mother. A few were gifted by her friends, my father and my grandmother. Usually I was made to write out the inscription myself, but I’m not sure who or how many people wrote this. I think the lines at the end may have been added later by a childhood friend. Or perhaps the whole thing was written by my friend–the handwriting seems consistent.
Transcription of dedication/inscription: 
Anushka Sen
Class – II C
[I think a prospective ‘roll number’ has been scratched out] – Your Brother told me that “you sometimes become a DEMON”!
Submitted by: Anushka Sen