St Clare’s

IMG_20151024_135841Author: Enid BlytonIMG_20151024_135906
Title: St Clare’s (Three Books in One)
Publisher: Reed International Books
Year of publication: 1997
Place of publication: London
Place of purchase: New Delhi
Ownership: Gift
General comments: While the smiley is self-explanatory, the Marco Polo is a bit of a puzzle. My best guess is that it doesn’t refer directly to the merchant/explorer, but to the cheat codes ‘Marco’ and ‘Polo’ that can be used in Age of Empires 2, a game I was obsessed with back then, to reveal the map and remove the fog of war respectively.
Transcription of inscriptions:
To Tintin with love, from Bhaishona
Dec ’02

[Additional scribbling by me]
(big smiley)
Submitted by: Devarshi Chakrabarty