Shorosh golpo


Author: Bimal Kar
Title: Shorosh golpo
Publisher: Ananda
Year of publication: Nov 1985; 2nd rev ed, 3rd imprint Dec 2005
Place of publication: Kolkata
Place of purchase: Kolkata
Price: Rs. 125
Ownership: Gift
General comments: Gifted by a dear friend at the time on my birthday, October 2006.
Transcription of inscription:
To the best possible Gravy Chewer on this planet.
(Although I’m open to convincing arguments of the expensive gift nature).
Submitted by: Poushali Bhadury aka Kaichu

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

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Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
Title: The Emperor of All maladies: A Biography of Cancer
Publisher: Scribner
Year of publication: 2010
Place of publication: New York
Ownership: Gift
General comments:
Another gift from PK. He is a passionate bioinformatician. His sad realization after reading this book was that Siddharta Mukherjee has penned such a mesmerizing account of medical history so early on in life, and here he is, sitting and doing nothing for mankind. He perhaps wanted me to share the self-pity. 😉
Transcription of inscription:
July 1, 2014
Dear Sreyo,
I hope you enjoy this enthralling retelling of the human pursuit of understanding and tackling one of the most ubiquitous illness of our generation.
Lots of love,
Submitted by: Sreyasi Nag Chowdhury

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale


Author: Art Spiegelman
Title: Maus: A Survivor’s Tale
Publisher: Pantheon Books
Year of publication: 1992
Ownership: Gift
General comments: My latest read. An intense personal account of Nazi torture and the bargain for life. It was a very thoughtful gift from my friend PK with whom I’ve had many valuable exchanges on this and many other sensitive topics. After walking through the haunted lanes of Auschwitz and the charred grounds of Birkenau last year, reading this book felt like surviving the horror all over again.
Transcription of inscription:
July 1, 2015
This book gave me one of the most immersive experiences on this issue. Hope you find it interesting.
Submitted by: Sreyasi Nag Chowdhury