Ramkinkar Baij illustration


Artist: Ramkinkar Baij
Title: Personal book of poems
Year of publication: 1959
Place of publication: Shantiniketan, Bolpur
Ownership: Gift
General comments: My Grandfather was very close to a few people in Shantiniketan and my mother even studied there in the 80s. This small gift was by Ramkinkar Baij on the first page of a personal notebook where my grandfather wrote down poems of his own and others. Archiving is something I genuinely believe in and Bengal’s conceit over its heritage sometimes hinders its conservation of the past. I have been a fan of Endpapers for sometime and I am very glad to contribute in this small way.
Submitted by: Teerna Bhattacharya

Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard


Author: Eleanor Farjeon
Title: Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard
Publisher: W. Collins SonsIMG_0760
Year of publication: 1924
Ownership: Spotted in bookstore
General comments: I found this in Ulysses Rare Books, located on Duke Street in Dublin, while roaming around the city on Bloomsday 2016. Martin Pippin is one of my favourite books and I was so excited to find this gorgeous (and unaffordable) hardback in the Children’s Literature section complete with an endpapers inscription that I took a couple of quick snapshots on my phone. Unfortunately the store manager then asked me to stop, so I had to look up the publication details online later. The picture of the cover is sourced from ebay, which also informs me that the binding is suede and that the endpapers in this edition were illustrated by C. E. Brock. The inscription is from Hamlet, III.ii.157-60, spoken by the Player Queen. Martin Pippin is a fable about love, so these lines seem curiously appropriate to me (and make me want to reread the book).
Transcription of inscription: martin pippin cover
[in pencil]

Now what my love is, proof hath made you know,
And as my love is siz’d, my fear is so:
Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear;
Where little fears grow great, great love grows there.

Submitted by: Shalmi Barman

A Book About Stars And Planets


Author: Yefrem Levitan
Title: A Book About Stars And Planets To Be Read To Children
Publisher: RadugaIMG_0240
Year of publication: 1986
Place of publication: Moscow
Translator: Sergei Sosinsky
Place of purchase: Calcutta
Ownership: Firsthand, Gift
General comments: Hardback, with illustrations by Sergei Alimov. Featuring a space-travelling wizard who is summoned by a father to explain astronomical phenomena to two children. This was a long-lost book that I recently retrieved from my collection to pass on to my niece. She turned seven this April.
Transcription of inscription:
To Toobri,
for the funway of learning-
Baba & Ma.
Cal. Book Fair 2002
Submitted by: Shalmi Barman

IMG_0236 IMG_0239

L to R above: Title page, recto, and copyright page, backing verso. Not a spread, but presented in this way to demonstrate the continuity of design.

Machiavelli’s Virtue


Harvey Mansfield
Title: Machiavelli’s Virtue
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Year of publication: 1996
Place of publication: Chicago
Ownership: Borrowed from the Social Science library at Oxford University.
General comments: Drawing of a gun–apparently to emphasise the significance of military training in Machiavelli’s conception of virtue.
Submitted by: Udit Bhatia

Ukrainian Folk Tales


Title: Ukrainian Folk Tales FullSizeRender (1)
Publisher: Dnipro
Year of publication: 1986
Place of publication: Kiev
Translator: Irina Zheleznova
Place of purchase: Kolkata
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: Purchased at the secondhand book market, Golpark. Hardback. Illustrated by Yuli Kryha.
Transcription of dedication/inscription:
[cover] Roop Mukherjee

[short title page] To
Roop Mukherjee
Presented by
Ma       FullSizeRender (2)
Submitted by: Sanjukta Roy

The Adventures of Dennis


Author: Victor Dragunsky      FullSizeRender (1)
Title: The Adventures of Dennis
Publisher: Raduga
Year of publication: 1985
Place of publication: Moscow
Translator: Fainna Glagoleva
Place of purchase: Kolkata
Purchase cost: Rupees 100
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: Purchased at a secondhand book stall in Golpark. Hardback, yellow boards with illustration, 240 p. ISBN 5-05-000038-6. Designed by Yuri Ivanov. FullSizeRender (2)
I have included pictures of an illustrated page and of the illustrated endpapers featuring the titular Dennis. Few things about a book make me as happy as beautiful endpapers, and Soviet publications usually have excellent examples of this.
Transcription of dedication/inscription:
[with underline flourish] Arnab Ghosh

My Dear ‘Montai’
from – ‘Ma’
Submitted by: Shalmi Barman
FullSizeRender (3)

The Twelve Months: Fairy Tales by Soviet Writers

IMG_6720Authors: [Fairytales] IMG_6721
Title:  The Twelve Months: Fairy Tales by Soviet Writers
Publisher: Raduga
Year of publication: 1984
Place of publication: Moscow
Translator(s): James Riordan and others
Place of purchase: Golpark
Purchase cost: Rupees 50 (approx)
Ownership: Thirdhand or above
General comments: Purchased from Golpark along with a number of other Russian children’s books in translation. Hard to tell the price of each, because I picked up all seven that were available and paid Rs. 250 for the lot.
Transcription of inscription:
[stamp] Sulakshana Dutta

(‘To Soma,
Jetthi’ [aunt on father’s side])
Submitted by: Sujaan Mukherjee

Dead Souls

Nikolay Gogol
Title: Dead Soulsgogol_4gogol_1
Publisher: Heron Books
Year of publication: 1967
Place of publication: London
Illustrated by: TIM
Ownership: Gift
Transcription of inscription:
শান্তিনিকেতনের কয়েকটা
দিনের সুখ-স্মৃতিতে
— মেজোমামা।
With fond memories of the few days in gogol_3Shantiniketan.
To Mitil
from Mejomama.
Name of submitter: Ahona Chakraborty

Crime and Punishment

Fyodor M. Dostoevsky
Title: Crime and Punishmentdostoevsky_4dostoevsky_1
Publisher: Heron Books
Year of publication: 1967
Place of publication: London
Illustrated by: Philippe Jullian
Ownership: Gift
Transcription of inscription:
শান্তিনিকেতনের কয়েকটা
দিনের সুখ-স্মৃতিতে
— মেজোমামা।
With fond memories of the few days in Shantiniketan.
To Supriya
from Mejomama.
Name of submitter: Ahona Chakraborty

The Decameron


Author: Giovanni BoccaccioWP_20151022_00_05_24_ProWP_20151021_23_57_27_Pro
Title: The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio: First to Fifth Day
Publisher: Standard Literature
Year of publication: 1944
Place of publication: Calcutta
Ownership: Gift, secondhand
General comments:
A gift from Sujaan, co-founder of this blog. Gifted in 2012, I think. A sign of how astonishingly long I had stayed away from Golpark. The title page says, ‘with new illustrations specially made for this edition’. Most of the illustrations are not quite as salacious as the cover image, but they’re all pretty entertaining. The combination of lurid pictures and the serenely sweet birthday message (as seen below) makes this one of my favourite gifts ever.
Transcription of inscription:
For Anushka,
Who likes the Renaissance and should definitely not stay away any longer from Golpark.
A happy belated birthday.
: ) Love
– Sujaan

Nirendra Nath Sikder, B. Sc.
Submitted by: Anushka Sen