The Decameron


Author: Giovanni BoccaccioWP_20151022_00_05_24_ProWP_20151021_23_57_27_Pro
Title: The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio: First to Fifth Day
Publisher: Standard Literature
Year of publication: 1944
Place of publication: Calcutta
Ownership: Gift, secondhand
General comments:
A gift from Sujaan, co-founder of this blog. Gifted in 2012, I think. A sign of how astonishingly long I had stayed away from Golpark. The title page says, ‘with new illustrations specially made for this edition’. Most of the illustrations are not quite as salacious as the cover image, but they’re all pretty entertaining. The combination of lurid pictures and the serenely sweet birthday message (as seen below) makes this one of my favourite gifts ever.
Transcription of inscription:
For Anushka,
Who likes the Renaissance and should definitely not stay away any longer from Golpark.
A happy belated birthday.
: ) Love
– Sujaan

Nirendra Nath Sikder, B. Sc.
Submitted by: Anushka Sen