Haveth Childers Everywhere


Author: James Joyce
Title: Haveth Childers Everywhere
Publisher: Criterion Miscellany
Year of publication: 1931
Purchase cost: 1 shilling
Ownership: Not in ownership; seen in James Joyce Tower and Museum
General comments: This book was on display at the James Joyce Tower and Museum in Sandycove, Dublin, along with a fascinating collection of pictures, letters, illustrations, photographs, and all manner of things Joycean. According to the information card, Anna Livia Plurabelle and Haveth Childers Everywhere, both from the Criterion Miscellany (1930 and 1931), are ‘[t]wo fragments from Work in Progress, one of which is inscribed by Joyce to Samuel Beckett, who was his friend and helper. Joyce spent some time in London in 1931 arranging his marriage. Given to the Joyce Tower by Samuel Beckett, 1982.’
Transcription of inscription:
Samuel Beckett
with thanks for his help
James Joyce

Submitted by: Shalmi Barman

The Years of Bloom


Author: John McCourtIMG_0528
Title: The Years of Bloom: James Joyce in Trieste 1904-1920
Publisher: The Lilliput Press
Year of publication: 2001
Place of publication: Dublin
Place of purchase: Trieste
Ownership: Firsthand
General comments: Paperback, xi, 306p, illustrated with photographs. Bought during the 19th annual Trieste Joyce School in the summer of 2015. This was my first trip outside India, and one of the most intellectually and emotionally stimulating holidays that I’ve ever had. The Italian phrase quoted by the author in the inscription translates to “in our beautiful Trieste” and is a paraphrase from a letter written by James Joyce to Nora Barnacle from Dublin: “La nostra bella Trieste! I have often said that angrily but tonight I feel it true. I long to see the lights twinkling along the Riva as the train passes Miramar. After all, Nora, it is the city which has sheltered us. I came back to it jaded and moneyless after my folly in Rome and [will]now again after this absence.” (September 1909, source: http://tinyurl.com/af6f25e).
Transcription of inscription:


‘The Canale Grande, leading to the steps of the Church of Sant’Antonio Taumaturgo’

Trieste, June-July 2015
19th Annual Joyce School

To Shalmi—

Delighted to make your friendship here “nella nostra bella Trieste”

John McCourt
Submitted by: Shalmi Barman



Author: James Joyce
The Bodley Head
Year of publication:
Place of publication:
Hans Walter Gabler
Transcription of dedication/inscription:
Fritz Senn
(who did not write it)
Submitted by:
Sujaan Mukherjee