Catullus – The Complete Poetry


Author: Catullus 2016-07-13_6793.JPG
Title: The Complete Poetry
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Year of publication: 1957
Place of publication: Ann Arbor
Translator: Frank O. Copley
Ownership: Secondhand, in my late husband’s collection 
General comments: John Prescott, my husband, was a second-hand bookseller in London all his life. He accumulated a substantial amount of books himself, in all kinds of subjects. The inscription in this one makes one’s heart jump (Endpapers’ editor Shalmi’s certainly did when I showed her), but I don’t actually think that this book ever reached the person it is inscribed to: perhaps the publisher never sent it on. 15/- is 15 shillings in British old money (pre-1971).
Transcription of inscription:

Out of print

To Mr. E.E. Cummings –
quicquid hoc libelli
qualecumque –
with sincere regards,
Frank O. Copley
Submitted by: Ariadne van de Ven

The Complete Book of Aunts

completeaunts_1 completeaunts_2
Rupert Christiansen
Title: The Complete Book of Aunts
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Year of publication: 2007
Place of publication: London
Ownership: Gift
General comments: This is a gift from Sroyon Mukherjee “Bugai” to his aunt, Supriya “Gagga”. Sroyon was born in 1985, which presumably marked the beginning of Gagga’s auntdom.
Transcription of inscription:
For Gagga,
The complete aunt
since 1985.
Name of submitter: Ahona Chakraborty