The World of Sex


Author: Henry Miller                                                         DSC_1800
The World of Sex
Year of publication:
Place of publication: Great Britain
Place of purchase: Paris
Purchase cost: 3 Euro
Ownership: Gift
Transcription of dedication/inscription:

For being what you are,
For coming to my life,
For standing by me

A little bit of a memento from a city you would thoroughly love.
Paris 2015.
Submitted by: Sohini Kumar

A Hundred Years of Photography: 1839-1939

Lucia Moholy
Title: A Hundred Years of Photography: 1839-1939
Place of publication: Middlesex
Publisher: Penguin Books
Year of publication: 1939
Ownership: Thirdhand or more
General comments:
A gift to self from Shakespeare & Company, Paris. I have no idea how many hands it has changed. Publishers – same old Penguin Books Limited (notice their logo back then). Moreover, I found an interesting leaflet inside!
Transcription of inscription:
June 2014
Submitted by: Sreyasi Nag Chowdhury

Calcutta: Two Years in the City

Author: Amit Chaudhuri                                    IMG_20151002_221855529
Title: Calcutta: Two Years in the City
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Year of publication: 2013
Place of publication: New York
Purchase cost: 25.95 USD
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: A hand-me-down from my advisor at Penn, Prof. Srilata Gangulee, who is also a professor of economics. I received this in 2013, and later got it signed by Amit Chaudhuri when he was an invitee at the Ecrivains du Monde meet in Paris (September 2014). Prof. Gangulee made some annotations as well, which are equally important to mention here, I think.     IMG_20151002_222327
Transcription of dedication/inscription:
.To Anshuman, with every good wish, Amit Chaudhuri. 17.9.14

.Basu moved the hawkers to an enclosed space in Salt Lake. The hawkers’ sons, nephews and cousins then came back to Gariahat – expansion of ‘free’ market – ‘spatial’ expansion IMG_20151002_222246

.That’s because you will not install a fan there.

.Orhan Pamuk’s museum of everyday stuff.
Submitted by: Anshuman Pal

Les Misérables (Tome II)

Author: Victor Hugo                                                              IMG_20151002_223336693
Title: Les Misérables (Tome II)
Publisher: Le Livre de Poche
Place of publication: Paris
Place of purchase: Paris
Purchase cost: 6.95 Euro
Ownership: Gift
General comments: Gift from my friend Paul Jutteau for my 24th birthday, thereby saving me the pain of borrowing the book from the library.
Transcription of dedication/inscription:
“Bonne anniversaire et bonne lecture. Amitiés, Paul. 21.09.2014”

Translation:                                                                                  IMG_20151002_223849333

Happy birthday and happy reading. With friendly wishes, Paul. 21.09.2014
Submitted by: Anshuman Pal