William Shakespeare
Title: Sonnets
Publisher: Spring Books
Year of publication: 1977
Ownership: Gift         WP_20151231_001
General comments: This book was given to Lav Kanoi by Ruby Chatterji, former professor at Delhi University who, post retirement, donated enough books to the English Department of Jadavpur University from her personal collection to furnish a student library dubbed the Ruby Chatterji Collection. Lav, himself once a student librarian, recalls that Ruby di picked out the book for him and wrote the inscription with “a shaking hand” in either late 2011 or early 2012. Ruby Chatterji passed away in 2012. The library named for her continues to be operated by students of JU’s English department and new additions are regularly made to it.
Transcription of inscription:

Lav’s labours not lost

Ruby Chatterji
Submitted by: Shalmi Barman

The Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca

lorca1 Author: Federico Garcia Lorcalorca2
Title: The Selected Poems
Publisher: The New Classic Series
Year of publication: 1955
Place of publication: New York
Editors: Francisco Garcia Lorca, Donald M. Allen
Translators: several
Ownership: Gift
General comments:
This was a gift from a former teacher of English literature, and someone I grew very close to. Ruby di had an incredible collection of books, much of which she donated to the Department of English, JU, student library. A few she had reserved as gifts for me and she knew exactly what my taste in literature was like. I have speculated if the “Jyoti” is perhaps Jyoti Bhattacharya, but it may well not be him. One wonders what had disrupted the peace to begin with.
Transcription of inscription:
For Ruby Di
As an overture of peace
(your most humble, though devoted, admirer.)
Submitted by: Sujaan Mukherjee