Chalochitra, Samaj o Satyajit Ray Vol.1


IMG_20170626_223953Author: Amitabha Chattopadhyay
Title: Chalochitra, Samaj o Satyajit Ray Vol.1
Publisher: Film
Year of publication: 1980
Place of publication: Asansol
Place of purchase: Golkpark, Kolkata
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments: I found this book while taking my usual stroll around the pavement bookshops near Golpark. This book is considered one of the first serious studies of Satyajit Ray’s films and won Silver Lotus at the 1981 National Awards ceremony. The transcription on the endpaper of the book suggests that this particular copy was gifted by the author to the actor Anil Chattopadhyay, who himself was part of three films by Ray.
Transcription of inscription:
শ্রী অনিল চট্টোপাধ্যায় কে
শ্রদ্ধার সহিত
– অমিতাভ চট্টোপাধ্যায়

To Shri Anil Chattopadhyay
– Amitabha Chattopadhyay
Submitted by: Sarbajit Mitra

Rudyard Kipling’s Verse


Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: The Definitive Edition of Rudyard Kipling’s Verse
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Year of publication: 1966 reprint
Place of publication: London
Ownership: Secondhand      kiplingfront
General comments: My husband, John Prescott, was a secondhand book seller and the house is full of books – both his own accumulations and books that were intended for the shop. I am now going through it all and selecting which books I want to keep and which should find a home where they will be read and loved.
This Kipling I shall probably keep because of its inscription. There was also a name (there is a vague B remaining), which has been rubbed out vigorously.
Transcription of inscription:
East is East and West is West
and never the twain shall meet

they didn’t: here’s the proof
B[rubbed out]

Submitted by: ariadne van de ven

Caligula and 3 Other Plays

caligula_1caligula_2Author: Albert Camus                                                                              
Title: Caligula and 3 Other Plays
Publisher: Vintage
Year of publication: 1958
Place of publication: New York
Translator: Stuart Gilbert
Place of purchase: Golpark
Purchase cost: Rupees 50
Ownership: Secondhand
General comments:
[conversation with seller]

“কামু তোমাকে ৫০ টাকায়ে দিতে পারব না। তুমি ম’ম নাও, সার্ত্রে নাও, দিয়ে দেব। কামুটা ছাড়তে পারব না, বিশ্বাস কর। মিনিমাম ১৫০-তে বিক্রি হবে।”
[I can’t let a Camus go for 50. You can take the Maughams or a Sartre, but this I can’t let go. It sells for a hundred and fifty at least.]
Transcription of inscription:
<scratched-out>NOON, HIGH,
FEB ’93
Submitted by: Sujaan Mukherjee